Cat Dissection

Matt Ramson and Ming Chung
Cat Muscle Dissection

Janelle Corpuz and Mariel Hernandez featuring Nala/Mr. Whiskers

Sofie Aguirre and Amanda Ang, and our cat, KAThreece

Brian Frank & Jared Realin

Jessica Sommer and Mary Trinko

Marilen Atienza and Celina Bonner (ft. Charlie the Kitty)


The Dissection of Sir Captain Jack Sparrow
By: Mitra Shokri & Julia Wrona
Julia & Mitra Cat dissecti

Erin Safreno, Monica Santiago, and Olive Chew

August - J. Kesler & J. Joseph
Kesler & Joseph & August

Rachel, Vince, and Kat

Denay and Kath ft. Simba

Denay and Kathreece Ft. Simba